recycle shredded paper and save trees

We recycle 100% of the end product of our document shredding service, AND we run our collection vehicles on LPG!

No Contracts - No Risk

no contracts for document shreddingAs we offer total security and complete confidentiality, we believe you’ll use us for data destruction because you’re happy to, not because the contract tells you to; so no contract...


Collections to suit YOU

collection bins for document destructionWhenever you feel
in the mood for a little document shredding, give us a call. Weekly, monthly, a one-off even: we work round you!



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Welcome to CAS, providing secure, confidential paper shredding services, document shredding, and subsequent recycling to businesses and households throughout the UK.



Secure Document Shredding

The Data Protection Act demands (as does the protection of your business) that, when confidential documents are destroyed, your data destruction practices must be secure. Nonetheless, many companies still persist with insecure in-house document shredding and supposedly confidential paper shredding arrangements; this can be costly, and time-consuming, as well as leaving a glorious mess to clear up!

We at CAS provide a fully professional commercial paper shredding and document destruction service, right from the word go when we collect. Letting us shred and recycle all your confidential documents means complete protection for your business.

Our fully secure, efficient and comprehensive document destruction services save you time, save you money!




A certificate of destruction is issued when we shred your confidential waste, as your guarantee that the data destruction process has been secure, confidential and complete.


Free Bins

We provide you cost-free with a range of collecting bins holding from 80 to 660 litres of waste paper.


Collections to Suit You - no fixed term contracts

Our offsite document shredding and confidential paper shredding services are designed to fit around your business. Collections are arranged to suit; weekly, twice weekly, whatever. And – uniquely – CAS will NOT tie you to a fixed term contract!



At CAS the entire end product of our commercial paper shredding activity is sent to be recycled into toilet tissue. And, as we use LPG powered vehicles, your business (as well as ours) becomes more environmentally friendly!




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