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Flexible collections and no fixed term contracts!

no contracts for media and data destructionOur offsite document shredding and confidential paper shredding services are designed to fit around your business. Collections are arranged to suit; weekly, twice weekly, whatever. And – uniquely – CAS will NOT tie you to a fixed term contract!



We provide you with a certificate of destruction when we shred your confidential waste. This guarantees that the data destruction process has been secure, confidential and complete.


recycle shredded paper and save trees


Media & Data Destruction


Increasingly confidential information is stored on CDs, DVDs and hard drives. We know that these can cause a lot of damage to the reputation of an organisation if they fall into the wrong hands.

To help protect your organisation, our data destruction and industrial shredding service has been designed to handle more than just paper! We also destroy and then recycle:

  • CD / DVD's

  • Cardboard

  • Medical files including X-rays

  • Data tapes

  • Hard drives

Let us know what your needs are and we can supply you with bins or bags to sort your waste, prior to shredding.

All CAS staff are security vetted and you can be confident that your material will not be handled by any unauthorised personnel.