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We provide you with a certificate of destruction when we shred your confidential waste. This guarantees that the data destruction process has been secure, confidential and complete.


shredded paper recycling saves trees


Shredded Paper Recycling


Protecting the environment is very important to us and we are very proud of the International standard we have achieved on Environmental Management (ISO 14001.)

Here are 3 ways CAS Advanced Shredding help to protect the environment:

  1. Once all of our documents have been shredded in accordance with the Data Protection Act, we recycle 100% of the confidential waste.

  2. As opposed to onsite shredding, we shred everything offsite. This means no noisy machines emitting co2 emissions outside of your office.

  3. We will collect your items to be shredded using low CO2 vehicles and collections are very quick.